Kathryn, mom to Lottie

Having a baby at the age of 42 was a daunting prospect. Will my pregnancy be a smooth one? What about all those high-risk factors that everyone keeps on talking to me about? Will I cope? What extra precautions will I need to take? As the medical experts navigated me through my pregnancy I couldn’t have been more overjoyed when I gave birth to a healthy Lottie who weighed in at 7lbs 2. I’ve been surprised by how overwhelmed with love I have felt for this bundle of joy that has completely disrupted my life – in a good way of course! My baby has made me a better person; I look forward to every day and feel complete in a way I didn’t before. I genuinely think that my baby’s first smile dwarfed the sleeplessness and chaos that went before. However bad the day is, I look at Lottie and my heart melts.