Here at Cacchino we’re focussed on family, joy and making a positive difference.

We ethically source and create quality products with parents in mind. We work tirelessly to generate smiles to enrich and enhance the lives of all our customers - the littles ones as well as the grown-ups. 
Through our ethos we want to touch the lives of everyone we come into contact with; be it our customers, suppliers, our team and more. Our drive to enrich lives means we’re also working towards making a lasting difference to the lives of others in need.
 Cacchino… enriching lives and caring every step of the way!

Hello, I’m Marie, proud owner of Cacchino and the driving force behind what we do...

I always knew that I wanted to help and care for people in some way when I was growing up. Fate or whatever you’d like to call it led me to train as a Psychotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Life Coach. Since qualifying, I have worked with all ages of children and young adults in various settings.
As a mum of three lovely sons, I felt an innate desire to focus more time and energy on family life which led me to develop Cacchino and I haven’t looked back since. I wanted a career change and a business that I could pour my knowledge and expertise into – somewhere that my passion for being a mum, wife, daughter and friend could flourish.

As a psychotherapist and a loving and devoted mother, I understand the profound importance of nurturing both the emotional and physical well-being of our little ones.  At Cacchino, we’re not just about creating soothing helpful baby products; we’re about crafting moments of tranquillity and security.

     Every product we offer is designed with care and consideration, promoting not just sleep and the fundamental needs but also peace, comfort and connection.

As a mum myself, I’ve experienced first-hand the joys and challenges of parenthood.  It’s this shared journey that drives me to ensure our products deliver the comfort, safety and serenity, your little one deserves.

Thank you for trusting us to be part of your family’s journey.  Here’s to more peaceful nights!


Welcome to The Cacchino Family – my family and now yours!