Getting a routine up and running at bedtime can make all the difference.

For example, when your baby is starting to get sleepy and ready for bed;

- Change the ‘tone’ of the day; encourage a quiet, calm and soothing environment

- Give them a bath, a clean nappy and pop them into their nightwear

- Feed them – in the same place every night, ideally in the bedroom where they sleep, with only a dim light

- Try not to let them fall asleep during the feed if you possibly can (start the routine earlier if they are crashing out every night before you get them into bed)

- Burp them and put them, dozy but awake into their moses basket/crib/cot, switch on your soothing musical machine (see our ‘Whale’) or mobile and give them a comfort object

- Pat or stroke for a minute then leave the room saying calmly ‘night night’

      In reality bedtime doesn’t always go like this – there’s the continuous crying. If the crying doesn’t stop after a few minutes, go back in. Try burping them again if needed, then put them down saying ‘night night’ and leave the room again.
     Do you have any night-time routines, hints or tips you’d like to share?