Clothing advice for newborns

Don’t forget that newborn babies grow at an alarming rate and will outgrow most of their first-size clothes by the first month.  It is however important to have enough clothes to allow for frequent changing. You will most likely need to renew your baby’s wardrobe at least three times in the first year. You may receive clothing as gifts (perhaps from a Baby Shower) and you will have plenty of opportunity for clothes shopping during the first year.
 When choosing clothes for the first month, don’t be tempted by brightly colored items. Newborn babies have a tendency to leak from both ends so you’ll need to put your laundry on a high heat. Brightly colored items will soon lose their appearance if frequently laundered at high temperatures, so stick to white.
 In general, keep clothing simple during the first month. Dressing your baby in little neutral-colored vests and babygrows in the early days makes laundry so much easier when you can stick everything into the same load.