Your baby’s laundry

Having spent a considerable amount of time and money on baby items and all those must-have essentials, it’s well worth the effort to go that extra mile to care for it. Because young babies grow out of their clothes so quickly, it should be possible, with good laundering, to pass them on to any brother or sister that might follow. Sounds like a plan, right?
Check out the following tips to help keep your baby’s laundry in top-notch condition:
 Laundry should be sorted into different-colored bundles
 Bedding, vests and bibs, need to be washed on a hot wash to get rid of bacteria caused by milk stains and in the case of bedding, to eliminate the house dust mite, which can trigger allergies in very young babies.
Towels and washcloths can be washed on a lower heat according to the washing instructions. There are specific washing liquids that are more suitable than others for different types of material.
Load the washer no more than two-thirds full so that the clothes are rinsed thoroughly.
Stains should really be treated before washing.